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Coin News: A new coin for Christmas

Latest Coin News Issue:
A new coin for Christmas
Issue #454 / December, 2016

In this issue:

  • A triumphant return celebrated
    by Jeremy Cheek
  • Phistelia—a city lost
    by Tim Topps
  • King Alfred’s economic achievement
    by Dr Graham Bennett
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Coin News Headlines

Our new websiteTues, 29 November 2016
We are in the process of developing a new look website and we would like your opinion on how it should look. Is there anything about this site you don't like? Anything you think is great? Anything you'd like to see less of? More of? Do you like the colours? Is it functional? Easy to use? Let us...
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A new coin for ChristmasMon, 28 November 2016
Faking it

THE Royal Mint Museum recently announced that they were to display one of their choicest pieces—a sovereign from the curtailed reign of Edward VIII; one of 49 coins featuring the Monarch that the museum holds, coins that were all ready for mass production but which never made...
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Just in time for ChristmasMon, 21 November 2016
Our new COLLECTOR'S CHOICE product catalogue is available now! Chock full of books and accessories for the coin, medal and banknote hobbies the new catalogue is a great place to start your Christmas shopping. You can either download it from our homepage or call 01404 46972 and we'll send you a...
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Ecclesiastical MoneyersTues, 25 October 2016
Ripped off?

IN late September the BBC One Programme “Rip Off Britain” included a segment on coins and coin collecting. In the piece a gentleman named Paul was told by an “expert auctioneer” (not I hasten to add from a specialist numismatic house but rather one from a general auctioneer...
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Woman of NoteSat, 24 September 2016
Symbolic of something

One of the big stories in the numismatic world at the end of the Summer Silly Season was the decision by an on-line auction house to ban the listing of a coin on its German site because it was deemed “hateful or discriminatory”. The reason? Said coin clearly...
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