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Coin News: Irish Gold

Latest Coin News Issue:
Irish Gold
Issue #415 / July, 2015

In this issue:

  • Magna Carta
    800th anniversary commemorated
  • The truth behind the legend error—Part II
    Gold issues from the 18th century on
  • Sir Robert Johnson
    A decisive Deputy Master of the Mint
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Coin News Headlines

York? Already?Fri, 26 June 2015
Well not quite - but it won't be long before the second of the year's two York Coin and Medal fairs is upon us. This summer's event takes place on July 17 & 18 - again at the Knavesmire Stand, York Racecourse. Ever popular amongst dealers and collectors alike it is one not to miss - get those...
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Irish GoldMon, 22 June 2015
The peoples’ choice?

THE recent announcement that the Bank of England (BoE) wants the public to consider the subject for the next £20 note (they did stipulate that they would prefer someone from the art world but other than that the brief is pretty free) comes hot on the heels of the...
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Penny Black CoinMon, 8 June 2015
The start of something new

THIS month’s cover story is all about the 25th anniversary of the world’s first “coloured” coin—Pobjoy Mint’s innovation to celebrate 150 years of the Penny Black stamp. This won the coveted Coin of the Year (COTY) award in 1992 for “Best Crown” and “Most...
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Exceptional goldMon, 27 April 2015
How to be remembered

HOW many of us, I wonder, actually think about why we collect. I know I don’t. I know why I started collecting, I know why I enjoy it and now I realise I collect simply because I can’t not. I could no more stop and leave my collection incomplete than fly in the air,...
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New look for our coinageMon, 23 March 2015
On the Face of it

Well it’s here!— the new portrait of Her Majesty the Queen that will grace the UK’s coinage for the foreseeable future. This, the fifth and most probably final portrait of Her Majesty (well she is 88 and the last portrait was unveiled 17 years ago so another is...
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