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Coin News: sovereign splendour

Latest Coin News Issue:
sovereign splendour
Issue #384 / May, 2014

In this issue:

  • Britannia’s Emperor
    Carausius, Rome’s rebellious leader
  • Ivan the Terrible
    Founder of a fledgling superpower
  • Where did all the gold (and silver) come from?
    The rise of affluence in early Europe
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Coin News Headlines

sovereign splendourTues, 22 April 2014
Do what you want…

FOLLOWING last month’s article on Nazi Kennel Club medals by Max Everest-Phillips, we were approached by a number of readers who stated that whilst it was of immense interest they didn’t know many people who collected such things—and they are right, few do, and I...
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Canadian Coin SuccessTues, 15 April 2014
The recent Heritage Auction, held in conjunction with the CICF in Chicago saw some strong prices being paid across the board - of particular note was the Newfoundland 1865 $2 trial piece that fetched a stunning US$102,000. Take a look at the story here. Apparently the coin is already up...
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Spotlight on Queen AnneMon, 24 March 2014
Research always pays

I DO realise that I have “commented” on the Royal Mint and its coins a number of times in recent months and for those of you who do not collect new issues I apologise—I will endeavour to steer clear of 21st Century coins in May. This month, however, I feel the latest...
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A new £1 coinTues, 18 March 2014
It has just been announced that the UK is to have a new £1 coin! the 12 sided bimetallic coin will be introduced in 2017 to try to combat counterfeiting. We will of course have more details, and more pictures, as we get them. The BBC has its own take on the story on its website.
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There's gold in them there hills...Wed, 26 February 2014
Ever wished you could just stumble across a fortune whilst out walking? Well apparently it happens - at least according to the BBC. Whilst we at COIN NEWS are very happy for them we can't help but feel just a little envious...
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