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Coin News: Royal gift sells at Spink

Latest Coin News Issue:
Royal gift sells at Spink
Issue #436 / May, 2016

In this issue:

  • 200th anniversary of the Royal Mint Museum celebrated
    by John Andrew
  • A very special gift
    by Jeremy Cheek
  • The Minotaur and labyrinth
    by Marvin Tameanko
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Coin News Headlines

Royal gift sells at SpinkWed, 27 April 2016
Investing in the future

WELL, OK, it’s time to bite the bullet and talk about something we rarely cover in COIN NEWS: the dreaded “I” word, Investment. . . . Already I hear dedicated numismatists across the country, indeed the world, tut-tutting and preparing to close their magazine in...
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Happy 90th BirthdayTues, 22 March 2016
Making new friends

OVER the years of writing this “Comment” some subjects have cropped up time and again and, I confess, that there are times when I am concerned that regular readers will get as much of a sense of déjà vu reading this column as I sometimes get writing it. Over the past...
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Viking HoardTues, 23 February 2016
Lost treasures?

THIS MONTH Jeremy Cheek’s fascinating article on Treasures from the Royal Collection focuses on some pattern coins that few knew existed. I won’t spoil the surprise here (you can read the article on pages 35–36) but suffice to say the sets of these patterns housed in the...
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Year of the MonkeyFri, 22 January 2016

FOR as long as I can remember, COIN NEWS (and its predecessor COIN & MEDAL NEWS) has, round about the February issue, featured an animal of some kind: a fluffy rabbit, a bemused sheep, a playful dog, a slithering snake, etc., overlaid with pictures of coins from mints...
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