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Coin News: Changing times

Latest Coin News Issue:
Changing times
Issue #471 / September, 2017

In this issue:

  • Signs of the Celts
    by Chris Rudd
  • The coins of Alexander’s generals—Seleucus
    by Bryan Short
  • From copper to bronze in 1860—Part 1
    by Stephen Skellern
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Coin News Headlines

Coinex nextFri, 15 September 2017
Yes the "season" starts with a bang next weekend at the Millennium Mayfair Hotel, Grosvenor Square, London with the BNTA's flagship COINEX show.
Taking place on Friday September 22 from 11.00am (£30 "bourse rights" entry - or £5 from 1.00pm) and...
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The Gold Sovereign - available NOWMon, 4 September 2017
Michael Marsh's seminal works on the Sovereign and the Half-Sovereign have long been regarded as "must-haves" for the numismatist's bookshelf and need little introduction to most collectors.

Two years ago Token Publishing bought the rights to the books and have been working on updating...
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Challenging timesTues, 29 August 2017
Cashing in

THERE have been some very interesting stories in the press and on-line recently about the rise of electronic payments and the apparent demise of cash. It seems that in the western world at least the trend towards cashless payments shows no sign of abating and whether people...
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Literary LegendTues, 25 July 2017
A new chapter

AS we went to press last month a news release came in regarding the equity investment in Sovereign Rarities Ltd by none other than that most prestigious of numismatic institutions—The Royal Mint (COIN NEWS July, page 16). We managed to change a few things around and led...
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Krugerrand 50 years onThurs, 22 June 2017
Going mainstream

WE have, it seems, all but sold out of our COIN YEARBOOK 2017—nearly 10,000 books sold within less than eight months and bookshops and distributors eager for us to get the 2018 version out early. Dealers are calling us up hoping to get more copies and whilst we have...
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