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Coin News: Spotlight on Royalty

Latest Coin News Issue:
Spotlight on Royalty
Issue #423 / October, 2015

In this issue:

  • The Leominster Hoard
    A Romano-British hoard uncovered
  • The Royal Coin Collection: Part I
    A fascinating history of formation
  • They were not amused
    The 1887 Jubilee portrait meets with public disapproval
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Coin News Headlines

Spotlight on RoyaltyMon, 21 September 2015
Going mainstream

AS we head into the autumn and the start of the numismatic “season” the subject of “money” is somewhat in vogue at the moment. Don’t believe me? Well, just have a look at some of the stories that have made headlines over the summer. Early on there was the furore over the...
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Iceni GoldTues, 1 September 2015
Time to act

THIS little hobby of ours generally runs itself and does so pretty smoothly. Every now and then there is the odd hiccup: a forgery scare, a spike in certain prices, a fall in others, but the market, the dealers and collectors react accordingly and soon things are back to...
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Coin News wins - again!Wed, 26 August 2015
The prestigious Numismatic Literary Guild award for World Numismatic Magazine - Best Issue - has been won by COIN NEWS, again! Thrilled to be announced as the winners at last year’s competition, to receive this important literary award for the second year running is a real feather in the Editorial...
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Honouring an empressThurs, 23 July 2015

BY the time you read this the world will know whether the Greek Government have succeeded in their aims to renegotiate the terms of their bailout or whether their creditors have stood firm, leaving Greece in essence bankrupt and on the verge of leaving the Euro. If the...
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Irish GoldMon, 22 June 2015
The peoples’ choice?

THE recent announcement that the Bank of England (BoE) wants the public to consider the subject for the next £20 note (they did stipulate that they would prefer someone from the art world but other than that the brief is pretty free) comes hot on the heels of the...
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