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The New One PoundWed, 22 February 2017

Twelve sides to the story

FOR the first time since 1997 the United Kingdom has a brand new coin—admittedly the denomination is a familiar one so it could be argued that this is just a redesign rather than anything as radical as the £2 or the 20p were, but whilst that is strictly true I...

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Malta PoliceThurs, 2 February 2017

The personal touch

IT IS with sadness that we hear of the passing of Phil Burman (see “News and Views”, page 6) one of the “Old Guard” of the medal hobby—a familiar face to those of us who have attended medal shows in the past few decades and a true gentleman in the best possible sense...

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Year of the RoosterTues, 24 January 2017

China syndrome

WHILST this is, of course, the February issue of COIN NEWS most of you will receive it in January and so may I wish you a very Happy New Year! I accept that as you’re likely to be reading this “Comment” at the end of January such a sentiment may be a littleworn but...

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COIN NEWS’ Consultant Editor, John Andrew, reports breaking news from London. Baldwin’s Auctions, which was acquired by the Stanley Gibbons Group plc in 2013, has merged with St James’s Auctions (SJA) which was founded by Stephen Fenton, of the much respected Knightsbridge Coins, in 2004. Stephen...

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New York showdownTues, 3 January 2017

to follow

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Our new websiteTues, 29 November 2016

We are in the process of developing a new look website and we would like your opinion on how it should look. Is there anything about this site you don't like? Anything you think is great? Anything you'd like to see less of? More of? Do you like the colours? Is it functional? Easy to use? Let us...

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A new coin for ChristmasMon, 28 November 2016

Faking it

THE Royal Mint Museum recently announced that they were to display one of their choicest pieces—a sovereign from the curtailed reign of Edward VIII; one of 49 coins featuring the Monarch that the museum holds, coins that were all ready for mass production but which never made...

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Coin News

Latest Coin News Issue:The New One Pound Click here to find out more
Issue #459 / March, 2017

In this issue:

  • Coin for Cnut
    by Dr Kerry Rodgers
  • New finds change thinking
    by Chris Rudd
  • David Cornell
    by Philip McLoughlin

Medal News

Latest Medal News Issue:Malta Police Click here to find out more
Issue #458 / February, 2017

In this issue:

  • A rare and beautiful medal
    Portugal’s gold medal for foreign officers
  • An elected hero
    An almost forgotten VC recipient
  • Verdun
    Medals chart the carnage